Sokoto Gov Orders Relocation Of Dump Site After Market Fire

Sokoto State Governor, Ahmed Sokoto, has ordered the immediate relocation of a dumping site from the Central Market following a fire incident which gutted scores of shops, motorcycles and properties running into billions of naira on Monday.

The governor gave the directive when he visited the market on Monday for an on-the-spot assessment of the situation.

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In a message posted on his social media handle, the governor called for the evacuation of debris within the environment within three weeks from yesterday.

He wrote, “I was at the Sokoto State Central Market earlier, where a fire broke out on Monday morning, destroying over 180 stalls.

“To my surprise, there was some reluctance in guiding me to the garbage area. However, upon hearing people mention it, I took the initiative to investigate the situation myself. It is disheartening that a section of the market has been transformed into a dumping site.

“Despite attempts by the Commissioner for Lands and Housing to defend the market leaders, this issue concerns all of us. I wish to emphasise that the presence of garbage did not occur spontaneously; the business community also bears responsibility.

“I have issued a directive that the garbage must be cleared within three weeks, or else that specific market area will be closed.

“The accumulation of such waste can pose risks to the community and may even be linked to the fire outbreak. We are resolute in our stance against any actions that jeopardise the safety of our people.

“Maintaining cleanliness in our surroundings is undeniably a fundamental aspect of our beliefs.”


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