Reactions As Shehu Sani Berates UN Over Israel-Palestine Saga

Nigerian Politician, Shehu Sani has berated the United Nations (UN) over the ongoing crisis between Israel and Palestine.

VANEDONLINE reports that the former Kaduna Senator via his X (formerly Twitter) handle, knocked the international organisation for its silence over the tussle between the two country.

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He said, “Before our very eyes in the twenty first century,the UN has become helpless and hopeless in halting the genocide against the people of Palestine in Gaza.Before our very eyes,nations that pride themselves as bastions of democracy, freedom and rule of law have become accomplices to mass murder of over ten thousand civilians.

“Leaders of the “the free world” are defecating on the gospel of what they preached and what they claimed to stand for.The atrocious cruelty perpetrated in Gaza exposed the hypocrisy and outright falsehood of the World’s commitment to international law and justice.


Reacting to Shehu Sani post, the self-acclaimed BIAFRA leader, Simon Ekpa wrotes, “We are coming for Nigeria breakup! Look at them crying over a country that is thousands of miles away because of their religion and Islamic agenda. While the same people has committed the worst atrocities and genocide against Biafra people, and now they imported 15 Saudi Arabia Mercenaries against Biafra Liberation Army.
You people will see madness very soon, you think it is only you that know what is violence.”

See other reactions below:

Uche: “Before our very eyes, a drug baron and certificate forger has become president and the western world is now working with him!”

Yemtech: “Before our very eyes, terrorism must never be allowed to overrun any state of the world. Before our very eyes, we must jointly condemn every terror attack.”

More Life: “Sir, where were you when the SAUDI ARABIA was doing exactly the same thing in YEMEN.”

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