AGN Reacts To Claims Of Neglecting Ailing Member, Mr. Ibu

The Actor Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has debunked circulating reports of neglecting and deserting their ailing member, John Okafor aka Mr. Ibu.

The sick actor recently marked his birthday at an undisclosed hospital in Lagos on Tuesday, where he earnestly begged for financial assistance in order to take care of his failing body.

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However, there’s a buzz among social media personalities and chatterboxes that the guild has left Mr. Ibu high and dry, forcing him to knock on the public’s door for financial help.

Shortly after the allegations levelled against the association, the AGN in a statement made by its director of communications, Kate Henshaw in a new video, on Friday, October 20, stated that it has never abandoned any of its members in their time of need and provisions have been made for his welfare.

Kate emphasised that the guild stands by its members in times of need, particularly when it comes to health concerns.

She made it clear that they had been leading the charge in offering essential help, even before his health situation became common knowledge, and his family was in the loop the whole way.

The Guild’s PRO disclosed that they discreetly rallied members to lend a hand, stressing that they don’t air their good deeds in public as it’s not their way of doing things.

She mentioned that typically, they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid over the gossip about Mr. Ibu’s health.

However, they now find themselves in a situation where they must set the record straight, as the very core of their reputation and the whole shebang are on the line.

She said: “The guild has never abandoned any of its members in need, especially with health intervention, we have been at the forefront of providing necessary support even before his health condition was made public and this has been done with the full knowledge of his immediate family members.

“We have had to task members privately to help in providing assistance towards the intervention and we do not make public any form of assistance; it is not our modus operandi. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have blinked an eye over this Mr Ibu issue. Still, it has become imperative to make some clarifications as the integrity and welfare package is at stake.”

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