"Nigeria Problem Is Deeper Than You Think" — Man Shares Encounter With FRSC Official

A Nigerian man has narrated his encounter with the official of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

According to Mr Sanusi Lafiagi on the X App (formerly Twitter), VANEDONLINE reports that he opined that Nigeria problem goes beyond bad leaders.

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He disclosed on the microblogging platform that Nigeria problem is deeper than anyone can think of.


Last week, I was pulled over by an officer of FRSC on road patrol. He requested my licence and car papers. I gave them to him.

He asked me to open the booth to check the spare tyre, fire extinguisher, and C ⚠️. I did as instructed, and he was satisfied. He returned the car papers to me but held on to the licence.

He went round the car, checking the expiry date on the tyres. When he couldn’t find an expired tyre, he showed me this bump and said, “I’m booking you for a worn out tyre.”

I said, “No problem. Give me the ticket. I will pay.”

That was when drama started.

First, he demanded to enter my car to their office, but I declined. “Go ahead, I will meet you there,” I told him.

So, he trekked to their office, which was just about 800m to where I was pulled over, while I drove behind him.

On getting there, he went inside the office and came out to tell me that, “Ticket has finished.”

“So, what next now?” I enquired.

“Anything you want to do for us,” he replied while dangling my driver’s licence.

In the end, I had to part with some money before I was allowed to go.

“Our problem isn’t about the leaders. It is deeper than you think.

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