Achraf Hakimi donates blood for Morocco's earthquake victims

Paris Saint-Germanin and Morocco player, Achraf Hakimi has donated blood to the victims of earthquake in Morocco.

VANEDONLINE reports that Earthquake of 6.8 magnitudes struck at central Morocco, Marrakesh, on Saturday.

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According to reports, more than 1,000 people died during the deadliest earthquake in Morocco.

Hakimi, via his X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday evening, wrotes,

“In fact, the priority is that the person who sang to someone who was exposed to criticism in a situation. The donation of sound is the responsibility of the chacun to save the largest number of views possible. Your aid is indispensable.

This time, the priority is to give blood to people in critical situations. Donating blood is everyone’s responsibility to save as many lives as possible. Your help is needed.”

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