Borno State Government Has Banned Metal Scavenging

Governor Babagana Umara Zulum announced following on the spot assessment of discovery of large number of metal scraps of believed to be parts of government’s propety.

Governor Zulum who was on site tour of projects came across large quantities of metal scraps, a substantial number of them believed to be property belonging to federal authorities and Borno state Government.

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In an interview the Governor noted that in the last few years, about thousand people were killed in the state as result of metal scavenging , additing that people go to extreme in the business with some allegedly steal public property that include street lights poles and tanks belonging to telecommunications companies amongst others.

The Governor added that some vehicles in the local government are allegedly destroyed by those interested in the Scavenging business, stressing that government cannot allow the neparous activities to continue.

He then announced banning of scarvenging activities in the twenty seven local government areas in the state and through executive order to that effect to bring sanity to business activities and safeguard lives of the scavengers themselves.

Source: NTA

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