Kukah Admonishes Nigerians To Be Advocates Of Peace

The Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has admonished Nigerians especially Christians to remain steadfast in the face of many challenges facing the country and to be promoters of peace wherever they find themselves.

He was speaking at a mission congress in Sokoto, organised by the Sokoto Catholic Diocese in collaboration with the pontifical mission societies and aimed at expanding the frontiers of the gospel.

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The cleric called on Christians to be wary of those who specialise in manipulating religion for political and other pecuniary gains.

According to him, the inability of Nigerian political leaders to manage the country’s diversity has in many ways contributed to the present-day challenges faced by most parts of the country.

He added that Nigeria had witnessed a number of conflicts with ethnic and religious coloration, especially in the northern parts of the country, saying this had affected the country’s unity, peace, growth and development.

The bishop criticised politicians in the country for still exploiting religion as a tool for political campaigns, a situation he says that has increased tension and animosity among Nigerians.

He admonished Nigerians to remain steadfast in the face of these many challenges and to be peace ambassadors wherever they find themselves.

Kukah noted that peace-building mission in Nigeria required the effort of all citizens, especially those in leadership positions who are expected to lead by example and treat all citizens equally, irrespective of their religion, ethnic and or political affiliation.

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