Tinubu’s Appointments: His Decisions Are Not Based On Tribal Sentiment — Nwosu

Former Chief of Staff to the Imo State government, Uche Nwosu has said that the allegation of tribal sentiment surrounding the recent appointments of aides by President Bola Tinubu is unwarranted.

He insisted that the appointments were based on competence, and to prevent political distractions.

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He noted that the appointees may have been so appointed to draw up a blueprint for the life­time of the administration.

Speaking on the need for a job safety net to absorb beneficiaries of the new education loan scheme signed into law by the president, Nwosu urged for increased ed­ucation of Nigerians, warning that “it is more dangerous not to go to school.”

He said, “It is good to go to school and come out and start looking for jobs. The boys that are being recruited by Boko Haram, it is because they didn’t go to school. And somebody can easily psych their brains. And before you know it, they take guns and join Boko Haram.

“An educated man who has gone through the walls of a uni­versity, it is difficult for someone to convince him to take guns and enter the bush and start shoot­ing.

“But it is easier to convince someone who has never seen education at all. For me, let’s ed­ucate as many as we can, and let it be that we’re now looking for a job for them.

“Education remains the best thing that could happen to this country. It is more frustrating not to go school, and be pushing wheelbarrows or be a Bus con­ductor.”

Source: Reuben Abati

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