Buhari Govt Tackled Power Challenges, More Improvements Coming – Adebayo

The Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Adeniyi Adebayo gave a positive assessment of the outgoing administration of President Muhmmadu Buhari in tackling the challenges of poor electricity and insecurity nationwide.

Adebayo shared his position on Saturday while commissioning the Federal Government Automotive Training Centre in Ekiti State.

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“The challenges we have faced have been the area of security and the area of power. But there have been improvements and government has come up with policies to make the power generation issue less of a problem,” he said.

“With the laws that have been signed into place now says government can generate their own power, private individuals can generate their own power.

“So, there will continue to be improvements. I always say, ‘If anybody were to come to Nigeria, anybody who died 20 years ago were to come back to life and come back to Nigeria, they would marvel at what Nigeria has become.’”

Adebayo also expressed the belief that alternative power generation avenues would help industries and investments in Nigeria as he hoped the years ahead would record more successes.

According to him, despite the challenges bedevilling the country, the Buhari government achieved much in persuading foreign investors to come to Nigeria.

“We spent a lot of time travelling the world, talking to foreign companies, foreign countries, foreign individuals, foreign investors, and many of them have heated our coal.

“I think many of the policies and schemes put in place by government has enabled government to attract a lot of investment,” he said.

The former Ekiti governor however argued that the companies that are in Nigeria had been increasing and expanding their investments, which he said was evident by increased non-oil exports.


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