FG to evacuate Nigerians stranded in Sudan by road 

The Sudanese army has released a statement announcing the evacuation of diplomats and nationals from the US, UK, France, and China, due to ongoing fighting in the country.

VANEDONLINE gathered that the army’s chief, Fattah al-Burhan, has agreed to facilitate and secure their evacuation in the coming hours, as he is embroiled in a power struggle with the leader of a rival paramilitary faction, the Rapid Support Forces.

The violence has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of individuals across the nation, and prior plans to evacuate foreign nationals were halted due to safety concerns.

Saudi Arabia has also joined in on the evacuation effort, announcing their plans to evacuate their citizens and nationals from Sudan, as well as the evacuation of their diplomatic mission.

Nigeria is also expected to join in the evacuation of its nationals from the country.

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