Former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Babachir Lawal, has lashed out at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), over the recent supplementary elections conducted in Adamawa State and other parts of Nigeria.

Lawal who appeared in an interview on Arise TV, alleged that the electoral commission has lost sense of normal decorum and has chosen to “throw the country into anarchy or even possibly into civil war.”

He said; 

“They [INEC] have lost sense of normal consciences, normal decorum. They have thrown due process, law and order out of the door. So I don’t know what else is remaining for INEC to redeem its image.

“I am sorry to say this because I was one of those who, over the years, canvassed the view that INEC should be trusted on account of my previous experiences and knowledge of the working of INEC, but in this election season, they have chosen to throw all caution to the winds.

“Whatever it is that is driving them, I don’t know, but something I know is an image they will leave for their children to pay because it is completely disgraceful. It is like they have chosen to be enemies of the country.

“They have chosen to throw the country into anarchy or even possibly into civil war by what they have done by the palaver manner in which they go about their duties to the citizens of the country. So that is my new opinion of INEC.”

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